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Okay, perhaps it’s only on my bucket list.

But my guess is, someplace on your list also is that you want to compose a novel. In addition, I understand that composing a novel usually feels like a massive undertaking, likely something similar to launching a rocket.

But authors these days are doing it and it’s a lot simpler then before.

Look — Just follow a procedure.

Step 1: Give like Arnold.

The man was torn. Really, he is/was. But, let us be fair . . .

Are you? I understand you’re thinking, “Jack, I understand I need to compose a novel. I have been invested for years.”

I need Arnold-design pecs. I’d like to look ravishing within my undies. But, let’s be fair; I’ve actually got to be committed to that. What am I doing it for, although I may not need it? Nothing.

Among my all time favourite quotations, one comes from Michael Jordan, who said, “Some folks need it to occur; some wish it’d occur. Others get it to occur.” In other words: All the wishing and wanting in the world will not do you any good. You have got to take action and build momentum.

Step 2: Get clear on word count

How many words do you need your novel to be?

Then, divide that amount by 100, to understand precisely how many words every day you have to compose. This can be your day-to-day minimum. Write it. Write it down. If you’ve got to tattoo it; this is important to remember stick to the schedule.

But let us not stop there. Simply having a word count target number is not good enough.

Step 3: Summarize like MapQuest.

Okay, since you have given yourself a estimate and established your word count target, it is time for another essential step: summarizing your publication in unbelievable detail.

Having an outline needless to say, everyone understands. However, I need one to go and that is exactly how it should be done.

Remember hopping on the computer and printing off 13 pages of step by step guidance from MapQuest.  Yeah, you recall those times. This way you’d wouldn’t get lost.

And that’s the methodology you should follow for your own book & publishing outline. With a unique, mapped-out strategy for the writing, you’ll hit fewer dead ends, run into fewer detours and get to the party quicker.

I do not care about only your books chapter titles. In excruciating detail I’d like to understand everything about your novel. Every chapter.

Everything you anticipate creating through writing make sure to summarize every single sub-chapter between main chapters.

As soon as you’re determined to compose a novel, sit down at Starbucks with a loved typical tall, 180- peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream, nonfat, and slight degree with no mocha drizzle and get working! Make a pact with yourself that you won’t leave till you get a a portion of your books outline done.

Then in conclusion too all of your brainstorming and writing, you’ll have 100 certainly defined subchapters that are needed to be written about which definitely will make things easier. And understood you only  need to compose one subchapter per day at 1,000 words which would compose the novel in  about 100 days.

That is how you should understood just what each day will look like for the next 100 days of writing your book having created a certain day-to-day target.

So now if you i you’ve outlined your novel, the remaining job will be stupidly easy. I’m serious. The tough part is finished.

Step four: Compose with no explanations.

Seriously, daily. If it’s your birthday I don’t care. I don’t care happen to be kidnapped by pirates. Each day write. The progression and momentum is key for being a author who follows through.

And chances are, you will have the absolute minimum quantity of words created and you will understand beforehand just what you need to be writing about every day. Make it a practice so that if you haven’t written them you won’t fall asleep at night. That’s discipline. Find and locate a perfect writing time (Maybe advocate waking up one hour earlier than normal. It is possible to get it done then if you have a busy schedule.)

If you sit down and you feel you have writers block. Don’t be overwhelmed, I want to offer three suggestions:

Stick to the procedure. Recall, you spent 1-5 hours outlining your novel in detail. You understand precisely what you need to write about today, so just do that and only write. It is like the procedure for getting six pack abs. If you’ve have a defined, structured routine you do not have to worry about the end goal because you’ve given yourself directions on how to get there. So with that being said just simply stick to some day-to-day procedure and the results will care for themselves.

Break it up, emotionally. You’re currently writing a novel. You’re only composing one sub-chapter daily. For me, I imagined myself just composing a blog post. Simple. I do that all the time. Occasionally, in writing a novel the challenges the individuals face are not 100 percent physical. It only looks so huge. Break it up into small sections and write a brief part of your book daily.

Write for a special individual. Go to your own Facebook wall and locate among your buddies who you know 100 percent and for sure can be your perfect reader. Someone who’d totally adore and profit from reading your publication. Seriously.

Wherever you might be going to compose part of your book writing then hang it in your wall, and look at it any time you happen to be caught. You’re not writing a novel, you’re simply describing a story to your own friend. That’s it. I can not oversell the advantages of using a picture when writing. It alters everything.

Writing a novel is a procedure that can be sort of long, I will not lie. Nevertheless, it is possible. And done by many everyday.

Get out there and begin composing, writing, and creating. Every. Single. Day.