Welcome to the Putting Pen To Page FAQ area. We’ve attempted to make these commonly asked questions helpful and simple to read for authors, writers, and self-publishers out their who might still be unsure of a few things. Questions are broken up into groups to make browsing them simple. Also questions listed below are from a collection that have been submitted through our Contact page and published to further help you … remember, information is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are the right reasons for self publishing?

A: You get to work on your book when you want to, you are in control the platforms you publish on and the story you write, you’ll get higher royalties overall.

2.) How hard can it be to release my own novel?

A: Novel writing time ranges depending on how many pages your books is. Remember it’s going to take more then just sitting down and write a few paragraphs.

3.) Why is self publishing an appealing alternative?

A: Less costs, more freedom, the decision rest on you.

4.) Can I start my own publishing business?

A: Of course! Do you’re research first and find out what steps you need to take in order to make it a successful one. Make sure to leave your presence on social media it’s definitely going to help you in the long run for marketing!

5.) What do you recommend I use to self-publish?

A: For publishing your print book on Amazon use Createspace! For publishing your eBook on kindle use Kindle Direct Publishing. There are many other good resources out their if you do a Google search for “self-publishing sites”.

6.) What exactly is cooperative publishing?

A:  Writers pay to get their book published, however each goes through a 2nd-party writer and perform with that publishing house on all facets of the printing procedure. They obtain a substantially higher per cent on their deal than they might with a conventional author and deal is by the publishing house.

7.) What is printing a book on-demand?

A: Just like how it sounds. POD means for Print On Demand. Printing on-demand publishing is a way of making publications in particular amounts required to fulfill with book customer purchases or on-going bookstore. The client purchasing the publication produces the interest in a duplicate that is then printed and sold.

8.) What’s e-publication?

A:  The issue of publications and other content in electronic machine readable form instead of on paper.

9.) What’s the term bleed refer to with books?

A:  The are outside of the trim or the area that will be trimmed off.

10.) What’s the best software to design a book cover in?

A: At the moment I don’t think any graphic design program beats Photoshop.

11.) Difference between a normal cover and a dust jacket?

A: A jacket is a detachable book cover and a normal cover is more commonly printed.

12.) How do I become a best-selling author?

A: Write a great book and have an excellent book cover design. A little marketing never hurts either!